Soon it’ll be lights, camera, action on the Gold Coast “Glitter Strip”. The Turnbull Government has created a $140 million incentive to lure Hollywood blockbusters to Queensland.

Gemma Niwa reports.


Queensland’s Gold Coast is lauded for its beaches and tourists havens.

Some big movies have been shot there. Now the Federal Government has doubled the filming rebate to encourage more.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Affairs Minister: “Queensland, in particular but also Australia more generally, is such a sought after location for film and TV production from around the world.”

It’s hoped the funds will boost the Coast’s economy, providing jobs there and across Australia.

Graham Burke, Village Roadshow CEO: “What the minister for arts backed up by the Foreign Affairs Minister, trade minister, have given us is a level playing field. We can now compete with those foreign devils.”

The $140 million location incentive is tipped to bring in $260 million of foreign investment.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Affairs MP: “We support Australia’s creative industries. Australia has some of the most talented people on the planet.”

Just weeks ago Annastacia Palaszczuk urged the Commonwealth to help the industry.

Gemma Niwa, QUT News.