Beef, more beef, and a little bit of lamb. The nation’s best steak and lamb have been crowned at the EKKA’S Food and Wine Show.

Liam MacGillivray reports.


This is meat lover’s heaven, Queensland’s top food experts spent two days tasting their way through 59 of Australia’s finest red meats.

And this year’s winners were extraordinary.

Chief Judge, Elaine Millar: “It’s the best beef competition I’ve been involved with as far as outstanding quality is concerned.”

For the second year in a row, the Wagyu Kiwami from Stockyard was voted Australia’s best steak.

Melrose Wholesale Meats beat a string of strong competitors to take the title of Australia’s best lamb with its Tasmanian Royal brand.

Best Beef Winner, David Clark: “This means a lot to us, it’s a fantastic accolade. It’s reward for the team of people behind me who day in day out put effort in to producing this product.”

Lamb Winner, Kerry Melrose: “It’s a great bonus for us because we bring lamb out of Tasmania and it’s a lot more expensive than a lot of the local lamb around the place that you can buy.”

The Royal Queensland food and wine show is regarded as one of the most coveted in the nation with the tasting of the beef and lamb EKKA fan favourites.

RNA Showgrounds Head Chef, Sean Cummings: “Australia really has some of the best beef and lamb in the world and the products we’re seeing today are wonderful examples of that.”

Vox Pop 1: “Absolutely fantastic!”

Every year, the EKKA brings farmers from across Australia to the heart of Brisbane.

Red meat lovers can taste for themselves what makes this beef and lamb special, the award-winning meats will be served at the fine dining steakhouse at the Royal Queensland Show this August.

Liam MacGillvray, QUT News.