Fans of one of Brisbane’s landmark businesses have lost their battle. Rankins news agency will leave its City Mall location by the end of the month to make way for disabled lifts to the busway below.

Madeline Escobar reports.


For more than 35 years, Rankins on the Mall has been a Brisbane icon.

Following the relocation of JoJo’s Restaurant, the closure of Darrell Lea, and the repurposing of the Regent Theatre it will be yet another loss to the Queen Street Mall.

But the Deputy Mayor says the change is part of the city’s plan to improve disability access.

Deputy Mayor, Adrienne Schrinner: “It is. It’s something that council and the state government are progressively upgrading so on train stations, busway stations and bus stops. We need to make sure we’re friendly for people with wheelchairs or parents with prams as well.”

As the May 29 closing date draws near, many locals have been left wondering where they will go after the closure.

Vox Pop 1: “Well, there’s a few around. So, no doubt I’ll find some place to spend my money.”

The news agency has been owned by the family business for over 50 years and the current owner is sad to go.

Owner, Ross Peterson: “I’ve been in this Queen Street Mall since day one. 15 September 1982 and it’s just going to be, when I walk for the very last time, I’ll yeah, it’ll be very emotional.”

Locals have also been left hoping the Council will consider an alternative.

Vox Pop 2: “That area of the water feature probably take the same area around there everyday.”

Madeline Escobar, QUT News.