Some Ipswich Councillors have indicated they won’t back down over the corruption crisis now facing council. The Government plans to appoint an administrator, but has to give councillors a chance to reply. Ratepayers just want an end to it all.

Bridgette Vanderwolf reports.


The nightmare week for the city of Ipswich continues.

And councillors are adding fuel to the fire, indicating they’ll take the fight to the government to show why the Council shouldn’t be dissolved.

They have 21 days to respond to the State Minister’s notice to show cause.

Jo-Ann Miller, Labor MP for Bundamba: “This had to stop, the fact that these people have had to go through such trauma over a number of years is simply inexcusable.”

A ratepayers’ group is accusing the government of abandoning Ipswich locals.

It says they’ve been left to fend for themselves against a corrupt council for too long.

And locals aren’t happy about what they see as wasted votes.

VOX 1: “I’m waiting for all the cards to fall, you know. It’s like a pack of cards, that’s the way I see it.”

reporter: “Did they get your vote for Mayor?”

VOX 2: “Yes! Paul and Antoniolli.”

It seems many of the people of Ipswich would like it over and done with.

Jo-Ann Miller has indicated she might stand for Mayor in a new Council if that’s what locals wanted.

Jo-Ann Miller, Labor MP for Bundamba: “Many, many people right across the city have been hurt, many people have had their lives destroyed.”

An administrator won’t take over the council until the show cause notice has expired.

In the meantime residents have been assured services like garbage collection, and parking fines will continues as normal.

Bridgette Vanderwolf, QUT News.