New Farm Park and Dutton Park are set to become river hotspots. New Council developments will include docks for recreational and tourism boats, kayaks and water taxis.

Alice Sinclair reports.


New Farm and Dutton Park are already popular in the river city.

Now the City Council has received the green light to transform them into lifestyle and transport hotspots.

Councillor Amanda Hooper, Infrastructure Chairman: “In particular, this is something as a river city that we think is a huge improvement. It is a huge step forward for tourism and for residents to be able to connect with the parks and with the playgrounds of Brisbane.”

She says the hubs will give Brisbane enhanced access to its iconic river and further opportunities to see the city from a different perspective.

It’s hoped increased transport options will encourage visitors to the New Farm region.

Councillor Amanda Hooper, Infrastructure Chairman: “Particularly Powerhouse, we’ve got a lot of activities here that people will not only be able to drive to or catch a bus to, but they’ll now be able to use whether it is a stand-up paddle board, a water taxi. All sorts of options to get them to the facility.”

Council says the developments will serve as a catalyst for further opportunities along the river, including further hubs connecting West End and the Botanic Gardens.

The development promises to unlock tremendous recreational and tourism opportunities for Brisbane.

If all goes to plan, tourists and residents will be able to enjoy access to Brisbane’s greatest natural asset like never before.

Alice Sinclair, QUT News.