The legacy of one of Australia’s greatest F1 drivers will live on in the form of an Australian supercar. Sir Jack Brabham has been honoured with a sleek new vehicle worth nearly two million dollars.

Toby Rowen reports.


A very special tribute.

Fifty years on, Sir Brabham’s son David will oversee the Adelaide based project.

There’ll be seventy new Brabham BT62 vehicles with a hefty $1.8 million price tag.

David Brabham, Jack Brabham’s son: “We’ve got the Brabham V8 engine in the back as well, with, well in Australian terms 700 horsepower.”

Brabham was the first and only person to win the world championship with a self-built car.

The supercar was launched in London and is lightweight carbon fibre, weighing in at just 970 kilograms.

They will all be race track vehicles with no plans yet for a road legal version.

Bill Muirhead, Agent General for South Australia: “This is a flagship project, I think there’ll be all sorts of spin off into other areas.”

If you want one it does come in right hand drive.

Toby Rowen, QUT News.