Hero canine Max the dog has received a different kind of treat for his role in rescuing a missing girl. The loyal companion awarded a Queensland Police Service collar and medallion.

Madeline Escobar reports.


When three-year-old Aurora Kyle wandered far from her Cherry Gulley home near Warwick late last month a familiar friend came to her rescue.

Her dog, Max, stayed with her overnight, until she was found.

Aurora’s grandmother was relieved to know she wasn’t alone.

Leisa Bennett, Grandmother: “The dog kept pulling her towards the lights last night but she said ‘I held him and we slept together.’ So she slept with the dog. She said ‘I had a good sleep, Gramby’.”

The faithful Blue Heeler is 17-years-old, deaf and partially blind, but his instincts saved the day.

Jake Miller, Uncle: “I don’t think I’ll doubt that dog ever again because he is a great little dog and great dog.”

Max has now been officially commended by Queensland Police, proudly receiving his award of a flash new collar and posing for photos.

Max has become Queensland’s first honorary police dog.

But, it is hoped his services won’t be needed again anytime soon.

Madeline Escobar, QUT News.