French President Emmanuel Macron is in Australia for his first visit.
He’s urged our Prime Minister to show the courage of his convictions in tackling climate change.

Liam MacGillivray reports.


At Sydney’s Anzac Memorial Mr Macron paid respect to fallen French and Australian soldiers.

He laid a wreath and presented France’s highest honour to three Australian World War Two veterans.

Emmanuel Macron, French President: “I know how indebted my country is to you, and so it is with emotion and honour that I come to you on behalf of France to say ‘merci’.”

Last night, the President attended a reception before meeting Prime Minister Turnbull for dinner at the Opera House.

The French President is here for trade and defence talks.

But he made it clear climate change action would also feature in the talks.

Calling on Australia to decide to participate in something much broader to something more strategic.

Emmanuel Macron, French President: “There is no plan B, because there is no planet B.”

Macron’s next stop is New Caledonia, which is still a French Territory.

Liam MacGillivray, QUT News.