Cyclists staged a dramatic protest in South Brisbane this morning. They lay down on busy Vulture Street, pretending to die. But their peak hour stunt, sparked more anger from drivers.

Anna McGraw reports.


A choir of horns filled the street as cyclists lay down in the middle of the road, with their bikes by their side.

They say they’ve had enough of dangerous conditions and too many riders have been hurt.

Protester Vox 1: “The bike safety in Brisbane is not good enough.”

Protester Vox 2: “Most of us know someone who’s had a serious accident on the roads as a cyclist.”

But drivers on busy Vulture Street in South Brisbane were infuriated.

Car Vox 1: “You know you’re just stuck in traffic. It just makes thing a little bit hard.”

Car Vox 2: “Yes we are running late and I think everyone is entitled to their protest obviously, doing it at peak time may not be the best for everybody.”

Organiser Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri was unapologetic.

Jonathon Sri, Greens Councillor: “We’re quite frustrated because we’ve been calling for simple improvements for safe, separated bike lanes and for lower speed limits and so far, Brisbane City Council hasn’t been listening to residents.”

But not all bike-riders supported the protest the head of Bicycle Queensland asked organisers to call it off.

Anne Savage, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “We need safer roads, we don’t need people lying down on them.”

A 19-year-old woman was hit off her bike at this intersection last week.

Cyclists are now planning to hold more of these protests until there is something done about road safety.

Shelley Cheng suffered minor head injuries and bruising in the accident.

Shelley Cheng, Victim: “It was really frightening and when I got hit the motorist actually came out of her car and told me that I scared her.”

Brisbane City Council and Bicycle Queensland say they’ll continue to work together to extend bikeways across the city.

Anna McGraw, QUT News.