He was called a lion of Queensland politics, an economic leader and a tough politician with a heart of gold. Terry Mackenroth died yesterday after a short battle with cancer. He’ll be honoured with a State Funeral.

Tom Copley reports.


He was dubbed “the Fox” for his political nous.

But today, the Premier remembered a different side of Terry MacKenroth.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “Terry was a decent, honourable, he was very witty, intelligent, and humble.”

Mackenroth served 28 years as the member for Chatsworth, rising to be Treasurer and Deputy Premier.

He continued his public service though working with the Cyclone Larry recovery task force and as chair of the Queensland floods appeal in 2013.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier: “And as his wife Mary has commented, it is telling that in these few hours, the tributes have flowed from all sides of politics. And I thank everyone for that.”

Mackenroth had already beat lung cancer once.

Then two weeks ago, doctors confirmed a tumour had returned, while treating him for pneumonia.

This time, it was a battle he just couldn’t win.

Terry Mackenroth was 68.

Tom Copley, QUT News.