Brisbane City Council is ramping up Road Safety Week with a renewed focus on school drop-off zones. It’s hoped the campaign for safer streets around our city’s schools, will also help ease congestion.

Bridgette Vanderwolf reports.


School zones often grind the gears of parents, with many frustrated when others ignore the two minute drop and go rules.

Vox: “Obviously it is hard to park and especially around the school it is all pay meters.”

Parents driven to risky manoeuvres and illegal parking are placing kids in danger.

Councillor Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Chairman: “We want to make sure that everybody around our schools is driving safely and we are asking them not to park illegally, to park safely and to be careful of the precious cargo that we have.”

The Lord Mayor is throwing his weight behind school road safety, pledging $1.5 million this year to upgrade school zones, crossings and parking.

And now with 100 schools adopting new traffic management plans, there has never been a better time for parents to stop, drop and go.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Making sure motorists know this is a low speed environment during the school morning and afternoon peak periods.”

Even principals are urging parents to play by the rules.

Llew Paulger, Kelvin Grove College Executive Principal: “Our parents need to make sure that it is not just their child’s safety they are concerned with. We have all the children who use this zone.”

After all it’s one of the busiest, but most important jobs of the day dropping and picking up children from school safely.

Bridgette Vanderwolf, QUT News.