A war veteran, who turns 100 in June, has lost his home and his beloved pet dogs, in an overnight fire. But his local community is coming together to help him.

Anna McGraw reports.


Ninety-nine year old Bob Jackson is lucky to be alive after a savage house fire last night.

Firefighters rushed to his home just after seven o’clock neighbours were already trying to help.

Diane Kelly, Neighbour: “I raced down here and I saw all of these flames licked off the side of the house there and within seconds it was coming across into this little veranda.”

Mr Jackson’s beloved companions, his two dogs Oscar and Keppy didn’t survive the blaze.

Gary Jackson, Nephew: “We searched for his two dogs and I believe they have both perished. Everything, everything they mean absolutely everything to him.”

Ben Sampson, Neighbour: “They meant a lot to him, my wife actually said to him you’re on your own how do you go and he said no I’m not and pointed to his two dogs on the ground and said no I’m not which is very unfortunate.”

The fibro home was destroyed, but luckily, fire crews saved Mr Jackson’s war medals although one is missing.

Neighbours are now banding together, in an effort to help Mr Jackson raise funds to demolish the uninsured home. This is a process likely to be expensive as the house is riddled with asbestos.

Ben Sampson, Neighbour: “This street, everyone knows each other, they have a street party once a year at Christmas time so I’m sure they’ll get behind it and him and make sure he’s got somewhere to stay.”

Mr Jackson was taken to QE2 Hospital where he’s recovering from smoke inhalation, his condition remains stable.

Anna McGraw, QUT News.