It’s Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week.

And this morning, champion cyclist Anna Meares said it was up to authorities to ensure everyone on our roads stays safe.

Madeline Escobar reports.


The six-time Olympic medallist Anna Meares is urging transport and engineering experts to consider all road users when planning major infrastructure.

From cyclists to truckies and everyone in between.

Anna Meares, Olympic Cyclist: “Be inclusive to all the people and parties who use the road systems of this country.”

The three-day conference run by the Australian Road Research Board will look at the best road safety strategies across the globe.

Michael Caltabiano, Australian Road Research Board: “It’s going to be interactive. It’s going to be exciting. You’re going to hear what the world is doing in next generation connectivity in the transport sector.”

Plenty of talk too about some of Australia’s most successful road safety strategies including reduced speed limits on the M1 as well as our three tiered approach.

Neil Scales, Department of Transport and Main Roads: “The three Es. Engineering: Engineer problems out. Education: Do what we can on the education front and Enforcement: We work really closely with our colleagues in the police. So the three Es is something we’re doing all the time.”

Since December last year, the Government has invested over four billion dollars in infrastructure including 18 kilometres of new cycling tracks.

On average, there are 250 road deaths in Queensland every year. It’s hoped Road Safety Week helps to raise awareness of the risks. so all road users can enjoy safer roads.

Anna Meares, Olympic Cyclist: “I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration today to work in your roles to create safety through the infrastructure that you can build for tomorrow. To bring everyone home.”

Madeline Escobar, QUT News.