The Australian school curriculum should receive a fail grade, according to a new report by education expert David Gonski. He says we need more targeted teaching and Queensland wants the money to do it.

Gemma Niwa reports.


Queensland students are under achieving.

In fact the new Gonski report found that over the past two decades, student performances have dropped.

David Gonski, Review Chairman: “Over time we have been slipping, and we can do better.”

Gonski says children should be attaining a year’s worth of new knowledge, not just meeting minimum requirements.

Queensland and the Commonwealth agree.

Grace Grace, Queensland Education Minister: “Making sure that students reach their full potential is clearly what we want to achieve, not only in Queensland but all throughout Australia.”

Simon Birmingham, Federal Education Minister: “It’s about making sure that it is simple and easy for teachers to apply this targeted teaching so ultimately we lift the performance of all students.”

The report makes 23 recommendations including an overhaul of the A to E grading scale.

It urges a more tailored approach to learning, focusing on individuals.

But that will cost money.

Grace Grace, Queensland Education Minister: “If you are looking at a tailored educational program, that will require additional staffing, and that will require additional funds from the commonwealth.”

However, not everyone wants change.

Controversial Senator Pauline Hanson says that constant reforms are the problem.

Pauline Hanson, One Nation Leader: “Go back to the old way they used to teach us.”

The Federal Government will soon meet with the states and territories to secure new reforms.

They accept that there’s need for better education and now have to find the best way to achieve it.

Gemma Niwa, QUT News.