Written by Kirsty Davis.
Produce for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo

Thousands of Australians are expected to ditch meat from their diet for 31 days starting tomorrow.

With more than two million Australians already vegetarian, No Meat May campaign Co-Founder Ryan Alexander hopes many more will follow.

The campaign focuses on the four major benefits of ditching meat, including improved personal health, ending factory farming, feeding the world and saving the planet.

Mr Alexander says the campaign will educate those about what it means.

“The production of meat and all processes are leading causes of climate change, as well, so it’s been said that one of the most effective things that individual can do to address climate change is to eliminate or at least reduce drastically the amount of meat and animal products they consume.”

Since the beginning of No Meat May six years ago, Australia has been hit by what has been referred to as a vegan wave. But Mr Alexander says cutting out meat is not as easy as it sounds.

“I’d say you have to be mindful of your nutrients. So, it’s not just as simple as cutting out meat and then not replacing it,” Mr Alexander said, “with particularly women, have to be mindful of the iron intake so, during No Meat May we work with Doctor K Mass who is one of the best plant-based nutritious or dietitians in Australia, and gives lots of tips of where to take your iron.”

Providing plant-based recipes, he says they are aiming to make the experience as tasty as possible, and as a healthy stepping stone into a permanent meatless lifestyle.

Mr Alexander hopes the experience will be fun and educating.

“Anyone is keen it’s a good fun month so go to the website and sign up now, there is also a lot of happening on Instagram during the month.”

He says participating in tomorrow’s campaign will save at least 31 animals per person taking part.