Queensland Health has just announced new plans for parking at The Prince Charles Hospital, after years of angry complaints. But it will cost drivers.

Kirsty Davis reports.


The State Government admits the parking shortage at Prince Charles needs to be solved because visitors are parking on residential streets instead.

A new multi-story parking spot at the hospital should help.

Anthony Lynham, Member for Stafford: “It’s now up to the Brisbane City Council to get some proper development guidelines in place for this area. This is an area with a lot of stress, and cooperatively, we can work together to alleviate a lot of this stress.”

The hospital already has 2,500 parking spaces but it needs at least 1,500 more.

They will take months to build.

Steven Miles, Health and Ambulance Services Minister: “Once the design is finalised, construction’s likely to take about 18 months so it is a little while before this solution will address the problems here.”

The car park will cost drivers.

But a concession discount of up to 25% will be available

This isn’t the first time the State Government has admitted to issues with parking, but residents hope it will be the last.

VOX: “The parking is atrocious, that’s all I can say. Doesn’t matter what time you get here, you can never get a park on the streets.”

VOX 2: “There’s not very many disabled spots in this car park.”

VOX 3: “I think parking at hospitals is over the top, they charge too much. I think they should really do something about reducing the price.”

The final plans for the car park will be released later this year.

Kirsty Davis, QUT News.