They need some help and the Brisbane Lions are getting it with the return of an injured player and debut of a strong ruckman. They’ll be tested against the GWS Giants who are third on the ladder.

Courtney McAllister reports.


23-year-old star ruckman Oscar McInerney is warming up for his debut game against the Giants tomorrow.

The mature-age recruit joined the Lions in 2016 and coach Chris Fagan is confident he’ll bring a great energy to the team.

Chris Fagan, Brisbane Lions Coach: “Yeah well he’s earned his spot with really strong performances since he arrived at the footy club. He’s as dedicated as a young man as I’ve seen.”

The new additions come after a poor performance last week and a dismal season for the Lions, sitting in seventeenth place in the ladder.

Chris Fagan, Brisbane Lions Coach: “Our entries inside fifty in the second quarter were a bit off, so all little things that we can keep chipping away at. Unfortunately they aren’t a bit better in a week.”

But the return of injured Lions veteran Daniel Rich could kick off a stronger season finish.

Daniel Rich, Brisbane Lions defender: “Any footballer that’s injured hates being on the sidelines because you can’t really do much. I’m excited for where the group is heading, we can only focus on one week at a time.”

The two teams clash in Sydney.

Courtney McAllister, QUT News.