One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has attacked foreign interference in an online citizenship survey. The survey was to gauge public opinion on changes to the Australian citizenship laws.

Elke Bowman reports.


The poll asks recipients one question, should migrants wait eight years before they can apply to become Australian citizens.

Currently it’s just four years.

The parliamentary committee put the poll online using a free website.

That website allows participants to vote more than once and use fake emails.

Pauline Hanson, One Nation Leader: “There is a break down in the survey. This was set up by the government it it it begs us belief, you know this is kindergarten stuff that this is set and it is not secure. You can vote multiple times on this website.”

One Nation is pushing for the eight year delay.

But some Foreign embassies in Australia have shared the link via social media platforms, encouraging a ‘no’ vote.

Now Hanson wants a plebiscite on the issue, saying it shouldn’t be decided by foreign interference.

Pauline Hanson, One Nation Leader: “And I’m telling these foreigners keep out of our politics and keep out of our laws.”

The survey closed today.

Elke Bowman, QUT News.