There’s bad news and good news for Brisbane motorists.

The Story Bridge will close this weekend for maintenance but it won’t cost anything to use the Clem Jones tunnel instead.

Elke Bowman reports.


From 9pm Friday to 5am Monday, this bridge will be deserted.

A full closure is required to apply a new waterproof membrane to the concrete, then lay new asphalt.

Graeme Quirk, Lord Mayor: “The work required is extensive. If we didn’t have to close the whole bridge, we wouldn’t have.”

Council investigations found concrete deterioration caused by water ingress particularly in the south beams and slabs.

Traffic diversions will be in place to direct motorists towards either the Captain Cook Bridge, or Clem 7.

All tolls will be waived for the duration of the closure.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ Spokesperson: “There will be a change to to the route so that will obviously create some congestion in some parts but just make sure you leave that extra bit of time to get around.”

Businesses and residents close to the bridge may experience some construction impacts including vibrations, noise and dust.

Although close to 200,000 motorists will be affected by this weekend’s maintanence, cyclists and pedestrians will still have access.

Elke Bowman QUT News.