The RSPCA is always keen to adopt out homeless dogs. But now it’s imploring dog lovers not to overlook Terrier, Bulldogs and Mastiff crosses despite their varying reputations.

Rory Scott reports.


Bully type dogs are often thought of as violent and hard to train.

However, the RSPCA rejects this common misconception.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “It’s simply not true, I mean, we always say that you punish the deed, not the breed.”

The shelter in Wacol houses a wide variety of bully breeds that have become homeless, and are harder to adopt out than smaller breeds that are often deemed to be cuter.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “They make great pets.”

Staff say these dogs are playful, friendly, and can be trained to become loyal friends.

Shell, RSPCA Volunteer: “Families would be fine, especially kids would be great, they’re very active so kids could run around and have a play.”

As you can see, dogs like Jimmy here are very docile as pups, but as he grows up he will require the right training, that will allow him to become a part of any family.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Queensland: “You can’t leave a dog like this in a courtyard 24/7.”

From Saturday April 28th to Monday May 7th a desexed and microchipped Bully will be cheaper to adopt than normal.

More information is available online and from the RSPCA at Wacol.

Rory Scott, QUT News.