The Queensland Government is still worried about this year’s flu season. Now it’s extending a free vaccination program to children as young as six months.

George Carrington reports.


Winter is coming and so is the flu.

Last year was the worst flu season on record so health and emergency departments are now urging all Queenslanders to get the flu jab this season.

Steven Miles, Health Minister: “Now is the time for all Queenslanders to do their bit for their own health but also for our wider health system and go and get their flu vaccinations.”

The vaccine is free for the most at risk members of society – the elderly, pregnant women and kids.

Steven Miles, Health Minister: “Young children are super spreaders of the flu and that’s why for the first time this year the Palaszczuk government is funding free vaccinations for kids aged zero to five.”

Fifty-six-thousand Queenslanders were struck down with the flu last year putting an enormous pressure on health and emergency services.

And Doctors say much of that was unnecessary.

Dr David Rosengren, Emergency Physician: “When people present with illness due to a vaccine preventable illness that does create unnecessary demand on our emergency departments.”

They say many sufferers can treat themselves at home with rest, and plenty of water.

But those with serious symptoms should still seek help.

George Carrington, QUT News.