Queensland has slammed the Commonwealth over reported plans to rip 40 million dollars from state education in the Budget. In a counter move, the State is committing a million dollars more to Gold Coast TAFE.

Lucy Czerwinski reports.


The remnants of this 1980s classroom are being dismantled.

It’s going to get an upgrade as part of a million dollar investment announced by the Minister for Employment, Shannon Fentiman.

The money will provide 3D printing facilities and new state of the art welding bays.

Rob Jones, Industry Trade Skills Faculty: “We’re getting 80 new welding bays with proper ventilation. It was asbestos in next door so it’s been removed.”

Efficiency will be the main focus of renovations with low-cost, eco LED lights and ergonomically designed workstations.

Otavio, Student: “I’ve worked on the new welders and they’re way easier to learn and it’s awesome.”

Jhovver, Student: “I think all the schools and us as the students we need to improve continuously.”

The Department of Employment forecasts that an additional 990,000 jobs are expected to be created by 2020, and 93 per cent will need more than a secondary education.

Shannon Fentiman, Employment Minister: “The jobs we are going to see in the next 10 years will all require a post-secondary school qualification. We are going to need students enrolled here at TAFE doing these exact courses if we are going to fill those jobs of the future.”

Queensland tertiary education providers are set to take a $40,000 hit in the federal budget. But Minister Fentiman says she will not sign any dud deals with the Prime Minister.

The Minister is determined to fight hard to stop it.

Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Employment: “We know that a $40 million cut will mean 2000 apprentices and trainees are at risk in South East Queensland.”

At least these students will be able to use their new facility by the end of May.

Lucy Czerwinski, QUT News.