Brisbane City Council plans to turn Oxley Creek into a world class environmental destination. It’s revealed a $1 million overhaul.

Bella Rigley reports.


It might not look like much now but Oxley Creek is about to change dramatically.

Today the Government unveiled their draft plan to turn this industrial creek corridor into a 1000 hectare green precinct.

Nigel Chamier, Oxley Creek Transformation Board Chairman: “There is no doubt in my mind as our city grows we need to create more parkland, more natural environment for our wild life.”

Horse riding, boating, cycling and even the potential for new sport centres. These are the selling points in the council’s pledge to restore the area over the next 20 years.

They’ll spend $5 million each year.

In the past its had the reputation of the most polluted creek in South East Queensland.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: This transformation project is all about changing the environs along this corridor.”

Oxley Creek touches dozens of Brisbane suburbs and the catchment is home to 60,000 plus residents. The councils next step is to open this plan up for community comment.

Ngaire Kirk-Lauritsen, Local Resident: “It would be nice if it stayed more of a natural environment, so like horse trails and bike riding, as opposed to big buildings.”

Its hoped work will begin in September.

Bella Rigley, QUT News.