Police have arrested a man after he allegedly set fire to his own home in Melbourne’s east. The home has been previously raided by police.

Milly Dimitrijevic reports.


The blaze caused extensive damage to the brick home.

Neighbours had reported hearing the man previously threaten to set it alight.

Neighbour: “All of a sudden it was burnt down, really quick, I’ve never seen anything like this to be honest.”

The home has been the scene of criminal activity in the past.

Two men were arrested in March after being found hiding from police, in the home’s.

And in 2016, four hundred marijuana plant were seized there with a street value of $1 million.

It is believed the arrested man was watching the fire as it happened.

Neighbour: “Pretty scary, first thought was, I hope no one was inside.”

The building is yet to be deemed safe to enter.

The suspect is being interviewed by police.

Milly Dimitrijevic, QUT News.