It’s 100 years since one of the most devastating events of the First World War – the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. The centenary should boost crowds at ANZAC Day commemorations across the nation.

Kirsty Davis reports.


For the first time in 88 years, a new memorial plaque has been installed in the First World War Memorial Crypt at ANZAC Square.

It commemorates the Queensland soldiers who fought as part of the 52nd Battalion.

Gwenyth Gordon, Daughter of Veteran: “Through the years it became a very, or ANZAC day became a very important day I guess in all families, it certainly did in our family.”

Families of those who fought with the fifty-second came together to lay wreaths and poppies.

For many, it was a proud moment.

Julianne Lynch, Granddaughter of Veteran: “I’m feeling very very honoured to be able to even be in this position and be here to now know what my grandfather was involved in and be apart of and what he was a part of.”

Police are expecting between 40 to 60,000 people at tomorrow’s commemoration.

Parking restrictions have already come into play around Brisbane’s CBD, with police taking extra precaution in preparation for tomorrow’s ANZAC Day Parade.

Chief Sup. Cameron Harsley, Qld Police: “Officers will be out in force tomorrow supported by specialist support units to provide a highly visible presence to ensure the safety of everyone attending tomorrow’s event.”

Meanwhile, the streets of central Brisbane will be much quieter, with fund raisers giving up the traditional coin buckets for Tap and Pay terminals.

Funds donated during the ANZAC Appeal will go to supporting Queensland veterans and their families.

RSL Queensland expects by leaving tradition behind, donating will be much easier.

Kirsty Davis, QUT News.