A former CEO of Ipswich Council and his wife – have appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates court on new corruption charges. It’s alleged they received illegal payments.

Bella Rigley reports.


Twenty illegal payments, totalling over $100,000. The alleged details in the latest chapter of Ipswich City Council’s corruption scandal, which spectacularly claimed the career of former mayor Paul Pisasale last year.

Today’s charges have been laid against former Chief Executive Officer Carl Wulff and his wife Sharon Oxenbridge, appearing in Brisbane’s Magistrate Court this morning, each on one count of official corruption.

It’s alleged Wulff and his wife received the twenty payments between 2012 and 2013, shortly before Wulff resigned from his role as CEO.

Both were released on bail today, having had their separate proceedings adjourned till May 28th.

The pair is already facing other corruption charges, including attempting to pervert the course of justice in a CCC investigation in 2017.

Mr Wulff didn’t sit with his wife during either of their proceedings. They made little eye contact and didn’t speak. The pair left the court separately.

Ipswich City Council has been plagued with controversy after the former mayor’s high-profile fall from grace.

Neither Wulff nor Oxenbridge chose to comment on these new allegations.

Bella Rigley, QUT News.