Festival 2018 is wowing Gold Coast crowds and it’s only halfway through.

Holly Parkinson reports.


It’s Queensland’s biggest ever arts and cultural celebration.

The Commonwealth Games Minister is proud of the first six days.

Kate Jones, Commonwealth Games Minister: “Festival 2018 has seen our host cities come alive whether it’s here on the Gold Coast or in Cairns and Townsville.”

Borobi was nowhere to be seen in the Opening Ceremony, but the Games Mascot was front and centre beside the Minister today.

Kate Jones, Commonwealth Games Minister: “It’s a 30 million dollar investment across all of the host cities and certainly the opening and closing ceremonies are a very special part of that. My focus is on ensuring that we leave all of our guests that come to the opening and closing ceremony with a great impression.”

The event’s creative director was upbeat.

Yaron Lifschitz, Festival 2018 Creative Director: “It’s provided a range of opportunities and experiences for next level cultural and artistic engagement and we’ve got a lot of those to come.”

The second part of Festival 2018 will focus on positive global change, and honour Nelson Mandela on what would have been his hundredth birthday.

The festival has nearly 4000 performers and has seen more than 60,000 visitors so far. That number is sure to grow over the next six days.

Holly Parkinson, QUT News.