There are fresh calls for everyone to see the Commonwealth Games via public transport.

Chloe Wilshire reports.


It’s all smiles and blue skies for these happy commuters.

They’re choosing public transport over their cars to get to the Games.

There have been complaints about accessability parking and not enough buses and trams.

But our Transport Minister says the system is under constant review.

Mark Bailey, Minister of Transport: “This is a different program every day we’ve got a 24 hour transportation co-ordination centre, they’re working through the clock, real time, using their camera’s allocating, working this every hour and I think it’s fair to say that we’re getting better and better.”

More than one million trips have been taken in the past five days, with trams and trains arriving every six minutes.

Mark Bailey, Minister of Transport: “What we’re seeing is an incredible support of the public transport system.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited QUT on Monday.

She hasn’t taken public transport to the Games, yet.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister: “I haven’t had an opportunity to attend the games because the Prime Minister and the Sports Minister and the other ministers from Queensland are taking all the spots.”

But she said she was very proud of the athletes’ performances.

Perhaps she can follow in Mr Bailey’s footsteps.

Mark Bailey, Minister of Transport: “Keep using public transport.”

Chloe Wilshire, QUT News.