It’s one giant leap for QUT student Henry Frayne at this years Commonwealth Games, as the long jumper prepares for the track and field.

Dominic Shumilin reports.


Henry Frayne, Brisbane local, surfer, law student, human catapult.

And a big fan of life in the Games village.

Henry Frayne, Long Jumper: “Generally its pretty good, foods good, certainly rates up there in villages I’ve been to. Better then Rio! People are generally enjoying it, it’s a really nice village.”

And Henry has a trick up his sleeve for motivation, his 28th birthday next week.

Henry Frayne, Long Jumper: “What will I be doing? Depends on how I go in the long jump. I ride my emotions pretty hard, and anything other than a medal I’ll be somewhat disappointed with.”

For the Brisbane local, the beach is a welcome comfort.

Henry Frayne, Long Jumper: “My house mate is bringing down my board for when I have finished competing, so I’ll lap it up then.”

With a personal best of more than eight metres, Henry is hopeful a home ground advantage can propel him towards gold.”

And it’s not too late to get your tickets to see Henry soar to new heights.

Henry Frayne, Long Jumper: “The qualifying round on Tuesday the 10th in the morning session at about 11.30, and then assuming I make the final which I’m pretty hopeful of, that’s the following day on the Wednesday, the 11th.”

Dominic Shumilin, QUT News.