Elijah Winnington is staying humble after winning Commonwealth Games gold at just the age of 17.

The Gold Coast swimmer recorded the fastest split as our men’s four-by-two relay team clinched Australia’s sixteenth gold in the pool.

Naveen Razik reports.


He’s may not be old enough to buy himself a beer, but Elijah Winnington is enjoying the taste of something far sweeter.

Elijah Winnington, Gold Medallist: “It was incredible, this is my first senior team, doing that and racing with two Olympic champions is a complete honour to get the gold and the games record, y’know I couldn’t be happier.”

Coach Jacco Verhaeren is thrilled by the teen’s performance.

He says it sends a strong message to team members struggling with the pressure.

Jacco Verhaeren, Head Coach: “It’s part of life, it’s part of what you do and if it was too much well there’s only one thing for him to do, learn to deal with it.”

Australia’s divers are next to hit the water.

Veteran Melissa Wu and new synchronised partner Teju Williamson are bonding quickly after injury saw teammate Taneka Kovchenko sidelined days out from the games.

Melissa Wu, Australian Diver: “It’s a tough situation, Taneka having to pull out and retire, so yeah, that was a pretty big hit for the diving team but we’re super happy to have Teja on board.”

The Southport Aquatic Centre will prove a unique challenge for divers, the floodlights, coastal winds and open air conditions set to test the Commonwealth’s best.

Matthew Carter, Australian Diver: “There’s nothing like when you come out here in the outdoors and when it’s windy and rainy.”

But Australia’s divers are convinced they can handle everything the weather throws up, when competition begins on Wednesday night.

Naveen Razik, QUT News.