Women of the World is also part of Festival 2018. “Wow” celebrates women from across the Commonwealth. And its message? Girls can do anything.

Jorja McDonnell reports.


Circus arts workshops and a market of traditional crafts greeted festival patrons at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Preparations for a skating workshop also were underway.

The Brisbane Skate Girls, keen to show off some moves.

Evie Rider, Skateboarder: “This is a really wonderful festival that’s letting us skate, do a demo. I’ve not been invited to a festival before like this, so it’s been really great to have this opportunity, to see many different women involved.”

Inside, the Songbirds of Childers serenaded the audience with their original songs.

The morning topped off with a lively panel discussion from female cultural leaders and storytellers, discussing visibility and diversity.

Busty Beatz, Panellist, musician, musical director: “Yeah basically it’s all about ‘to the front’, you hear. So getting those diverse voices to the front, getting those amazing plethora of stories to the front.”

WOW Festival runs over this weekend and many of the events are free.

Jorja McDonnell, QUT News.