The Commonwealth Games are now officially up and running and the rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of hundreds of fans who watched the opening event on beach-side screens.

Claire Boughey reports.


Crowds flooded Surfers Paradise to watch the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on the big screen.

Pubs and restaurants were booming and the elusive Games fever finally kicked into gear.

Vox 1: “I was here when the surfboard first went up and its really nice to see it counting down to almost zero‚Ķ so cannot wait.”

Vox 2: “I’m excited to see my country winning that’s what brought me here.”

Locals and tourists alike were glued to the screens as the 4,000 performers involved in the ceremony took centre stage at Carrara stadium.

Vox 3: “It’s been absolutely brilliant,they have truly exceeded themselves.”

Vox 4: “I like the indigenous component, it’s just fantastic, it’s beautiful. Yeah it was amazing, it was all really nice.”

Excitement built as the athletes entered the stadium with the loudest cheer reserved for the host nation.

But others were less enthused with protesters outside calling attention to Indigenous issues.

Three were charged with public nuisance after trying to gain entry into the stadium.

For most though, the focus was on celebrating a landmark night for the Gold Coast.

Tonight marks the start of the biggest international event in Queensland history with 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth competing for Gold across 23 sports.

But for now the athletes and their supporters are just enjoying being a part of history.

Claire Boughey, QUT News.