If you’re planning to drive to the Commonwealth Games double the time you think it will take. That’s because a lot more vehicles are expected to be using Gold Coast roads.

Jorja McDonnell reports.


Transport Minister Mark Bailey was on the Gold Coast today.

And declared the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsals were the “perfect test run” for transport systems.

He says he’s thrilled at the success of the city’s transport plan.

But his idea of smooth running around the Games may be a little different to what drivers can expect.

Lauren Ritchie, RACQ: “Obviously the M1 is Queensland’s busiest road on a good day, so if we’re piling on to that so many more journeys, plus we’re looking at journeys at different times, it’s very difficult to plan ahead, so you will be having a long journey.”

Trips are likely to be slower than normal for those travelling both to and around the Gold Coast over the next two weeks.

Games lanes on the M1 are also in effect, and drivers won’t be let off with a warning if they try to sneak into them.

From all bodies involved, the advice is to allow a bit more driving time, or utilise the local trains and trams, which are running 24-7 during the Games.

Jorja McDonnell, QUT News.