More Commonwealth VIPs have arrived ahead of the Games. Prince Charles and Camilla have begun their tour of Australia.

Jorja McDonnell reports.


It was an event fit for a future king.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’S first stop was Old Government House on QUT’s Gardens Point campus.

The Prince reviewed the military parade, taking time to chat with some of the servicemen and women.

Security was tight and the weather unforgiving, but it didn’t stop the crowds of royal watchers coming out to catch a glimpse.

Vox 1: “You’re going to see the future king. (Daughter echoes) ‘future king’.”

The highlight for spectators was when the Royal couple took a stroll through Brisbane’s botanic gardens, right next to QUT.

Charles and Camilla greeted adoring fans, stopping constantly to accept gifts, take selfies, and share plenty of laughs.

Vox 2: “Very friendly, both very lovely, his hand was chunky, and hers was nice, just gentle.”

Others had met the Prince before, and were very excited to see him again.

Vox 3: “He came to then, Rhodesia, and handed over the country and it became Zimbabwe.”

After their appearance here in Brisbane, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be attending the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, where Prince Charles will read a message fromt he Queen. The Royals will also attend events and tour the athletes village while on the Gold Coast.

Jorja McDonnell, QUT News.