With more than 6,600 athletes from 71 nations coming to South-East Queensland, and tens of thousands of tourists, it’s no wonder airports around the south-east are chokkas.

Ashlee Press reports.


GC2018 will attract more than 670,000 visitors.

Brisbane Airport Corporation says they’re prepared.

Jacinta Messer is boss of Corporation events.

Jacinta Messer, Brisbane Airport Corporation: “On any given day we’ve got around sixty thousand people coming through our international and domestic terminals, add the Eater and Commonwealth Games traffic, you’ve got yourself a really busy terminal. We’ve been in months of planning to make sure our terminals can really handle that strain when everyone’s coming through.”

Not only is the Commonwealth Games being embraced by BAC, it is being showcased.

Jacinta Messer, Brisbane Airport Corporation: “So we’ve got lots of colour and movement that we’ve brought in. A really big one that a lot of the athletes have enjoyed is a really big Borobi welcome wall, they’ve taken lots of selfies with him and are certainly doing their part to promote Queensland to the world.”

With the influx of travellers during the games, passengers are being asked to prepare.

Jacinta Messer, Brisbane Airport Corporation: “Now is a really busy time at Brisbane Airport, so we encourage everyone to arrive well ahead of time, check with your airlines if you’ve got any questions, but a really big one is just to be patient. So get a coffee, relax we’ll get you through as soon as I can.”

Ashlee Press, QUT News.