The secrets to living longer came under the microscope today as experts shared the latest developments in chasing longevity.

Claire Boughey reports.


This is Nancy Gardiner, 86, daughter Linda 60, her daughter Melissa 34 and baby Harvey.

This is my family what makes us special is we span four generations.

Harvey is one of the lucky few at day care able to say he has a great-grandma.

Melissa Soutar: “The wisdom I guess that comes from somebody like Nan who’s lived through an awful lot of history, big moments, big changes in technology and the world around us so I think there is a lot for him to learn.”

Four generation families are proof we are living longer.

But longer lives mean we are also seeing more change.

From the big…

Linda Willson: “Technology, computers, the internet, mobile phones.”

To the small…

Nancy Gardiner: “When I was young people were much more worrying about helping people and doing things, you know, and I don’t think people worry too much these days. Everyone is for themselves.”

With everyone an expert it can be hard to know exactly what the secret to longevity is.

My nan says the key is surrounding yourself with people, and treating yourself every now and then.

Nancy Gardiner: “I might have the occasional chocolate and glass of wine.”

Families like ours are becoming more and more common as we all start to live longer, but what is it the experts think is leading to this new found longevity.

Lindsay Wu, UNSW: “So at the moment we are living longer just through improved health, better lifestyle, getting more exercise, we’re eating better, we’ve stopped smoking, we are getting better medication that can keep us alive.”

All this talk of longer lives, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get to spend a few extra years in our caravan.

Living longer means more time at work, all the more important to spend more time with those you love.

Claire Boughey, QUT News.