Southbank became a giant outdoor laboratory today as science came to the streets. Future scientists and inventors got to try out first hand the latest scientific discoveries.

Naveen Razik reports.


An important message delivered in a mesmerising way.

Science Steve: “Boys, girls, mums and dads what does it say?”

Crowd: “Science is amazing. Oh man.”

‘Science Steve’ the headline act at this year’s Street Science extravaganza.

The former high school science teacher using liquid nitrogen, balloons and even nappies to capture the minds of the next generation.

Steve Liddell, Street Science: “Every single day we’re interacting with technology, with the environment and the basis for all of that is the science behind it, so I suppose if we can switch their minds on it get them actually thinking about how science impacts their lives, then there’s a reason for learning it.”

The South Bank Forecourt was transformed into a thriving outdoor laboratory, with plenty to entertain the young and young at heart.

From exploring new ways of cleaning up the Great Barrier Reef to giving youngsters an early shot behind the wheel.

Reporter: “How do you think you went driving?”

Vox 1: “Um I think I went okay. I definitely didn’t crash.”

The next generation of coders are getting to grips with some advanced machinery, learning vital skills for the jobs of the future.

Vox 2: “When I finish school, I wouldn’t mind being something in robotics or STEM.”

With everything from robots to the reef, it’s no surprise thousands of families have flocked to South Bank.

The Queensland Government hoping the event inspires a new generation, to turn the Sunshine State, into the Science State.

Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Science: “This is a really exciting time in Queensland’s history, where we are really focusing our energies on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, not just for today but for the jobs of the future.”

For now, the message to our future scientists, inventors and engineers is simple.

Steve Liddell, Street Science: “Keep having fun kids!”

Naveen Razik, QUT News.