With hundreds of talks, workshops and demonstrations, knowing what to see at World Science Fair can seem like its own scientific problem.

Naveen Razik guides you on his “must do” events.


The World Science Festival is back and if you don’t know what’s on, here’s my guide on what not to miss.

The Festival is spread over three main locations, starting at the State Library.

Here, you can discover the latest science to help you cut down on rubbish

Plus you can explore quantum physics in ways even your baby will understand.

With 22 events across the weekend, the Queensland Museum is the thriving heart of the festival.

This is where you can learn how to film your own holograms and get up close and personal with some very scary spiders.

And the popular turtle hatchery is back for another year, come experience this rare opportunity to see nature’s miracle right before your eyes.

Street Science returns to Southbank you can find dozens of fun, hands-on activities and enjoy an all star line-up of guests, including everyone’s favourite, Doctor Karl.

And that’s just my list of things to do.

You can find even more exciting events and speakers at the World Science Festival website www.worldsciencefestival.com.au/program

Naveen Razik, QUT News.