It’s up, up and away for 13 lucky Brisbane students studying to become drone pilots. They’re the first high schoolers in the country to have this program in their curriculum.

Lily Greer reports.


Their taking their studies out of classroom and into the skies.

These students from Mabel Park and Woodridge State High are earning their certificate three in Aviation, learning how to pilot these Phantom 4 Advanced Quadcopters and the students aren’t just learning how to fly them.

The students are being inspired to pursue drone-related careers in the future.

Maddy North, Student: “My dream is to fly it for the police force, especially, not having heaps of women in the police force it would be nice to be one of the few that are in there.”

There’s a huge focus on employability.

They’ll be taught how to analyse data collected by the machines, understand the regulations surrounding drones and how to use the camera attached to the quadcopters.

The kids are learning about what jobs might exist in the future, where a bird’s-eye-view is needed.

Drones have a much higher purpose than just recreation.

They can assist in search and rescues, survey crash sites, even deliver a pizza.

They give you a better perspective.

It’s the first program of it’s kind to be integrated into a school curriculum in the state, and it’s got the backing of the Queensland State government.

Cameron Dick, Member for Woodridge: “What’s exciting about this program is that it’s taking new technology and turning that into new jobs.”

He says there’s potential to roll our similar programs across the state.

Lily Greer, QUT News.