The Queensland Government is in damage control today, after one of the state’s shiny new trains derailed near Ipswich yesterday. The trains are already behind schedule and urgently needed on track in time for next year’s Commonwealth Games.

Chloe Wilshire reports.


The train derailed about 4.30 yesterday afternoon at the Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre.

The Transport Minister denies the incident was caused by the train, rather it was a shunter transporting the carriage at the time.

Jackie Trad, Minister for Transport: “It’s very important that we understand exactly what happened here so that the public can have full confidence.”

The Opposition Leader is not convinced the State Government can resolve Queensland Rail’s ongoing problems saying 24,000 rail services have already been axed.

Tim Nicholls, Opposition Leader: “And that means more congestion on our roads, it means fewer opportunities for public transport passengers, to be able to get to work, to be able to get home, to be able to get where they need to go.”

The contract for the fleet of Indian-built trains has been plagued by controversy.

This adds to a long list of problems uncovered during testing including issues with braking, ventilation and driver visibility.

The State Government has launched a full investigation into the derailment.

Jackie Trad, Minister for Transport: “The investigation that will be undertaken by the national rail safety regulator, which is an independent body, will be made public to the people of Queensland.”

It’s still not known whether the trains will be on track in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Chloe Wilshire, QUT News.