It’s the end of an era in car manufacturing. Holden has put on the brakes in Australia.

Sheridan Ireland reports.


It was an emotional day for workers and fans alike.

As the Adelaide factory closed its doors for the final time.

Vox 1: “Sad, yes, emotional, but this is all about recognising the people in the plant behind us who’ve literally built the Holden legend over the years. There’s enormous amount of pride and passion.”

The company has been part of Australia’s car culture producing more than seven and a half million vehicles over almost 70 years.

The final car, a red V8 Commodore sedan, marked the end of that chapter.

Jamie Getgood, Holden: “For many of our people this is a new chapter, and Holden is absolutely committed to supporting them every step along the way.”

A work transition program will continue for two years to help the 950 who lost their jobs, and outside the factory, Holden fans gathered with their cars to join the tributes.

Sheridan Ireland, QUT News.