Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says the major federal parties are dodging their responsibility to investigate serious money-laundering allegations against Crown Casino. He’s demanding an independent inquiry, into allegations of illegal misconduct.

Madeline Paulsen reports.


Whistleblowers allege the Casino illegally rigged pokie machines and facilitated money laundering while also ignoring drug use and domestic violence.

Tim Costello, Anti-Gambling Campaigner: “The Crown Casino’s really like a sovereign state, it’s like the Vatican.”

Anti-gambling advocates have called for a Senate inquiry.

Nick Xenophon, Nick Xenophon Team Leader: “So that these whistleblowers can come forward and actually give their evidence under parliamentary privilege.”

But the Federal Government has rejected this, wanting to leave it to the experts.

Michael Keenan, Justice Minister: “When you’re given things as a member of parliament you can’t actually verify whether they’re accurate or not, that’s the job of our law enforcement agencies.”

The Victorian Commission for Liquor and Gambling Regulation is now investigating, but whistleblowers say it already knew about the allegations.

Jacqui Lambie, Independent Senator: “They failed to get the job done, if this evidence is true, and therefore we’ll need to take it out of their hands to get the job done for them.”

It’s the sixth time the Crown’s licence has been reviewed.

Madeline Paulsen, QUT News.