High profile journalist Tracey Spicer has delivered an inspirational message to QUT students. She sat down for a personal Q and A session with undergraduates who are working hard to become the next generation of dedicated reporters.

Jorja McDonnell reports.


Tracey Spicer offered words of wisdom and valuable career advice to students, enough to last them until long after graduation.

Tracey Spicer, Journalist: “I feel incredibly encouraged after talking to this wonderful group of both women and men today.”

Issues surrounding women in media were a hot topic.

Tracey hopes women in journalism continue to support each other.

She wants students to remember, they are capable of anything and deserve a place in the media.

Leo Bowman, Assoc. Professor, Journalism: “Tracey is an absolute expert in the field, and as such, was able to impart the best advice possible to the students present.”

In the Q&A session, topics ranged from sexism, realities of the workplace, and management roles in journalism.

Tracey says there’s still a notable lack of women in high-ranking media roles and she hopes the young journalists of tomorrow will prepare themselves to be leaders.

Tracey Spicer, Journalist: “I can’t wait to read your work, see your work on the telly, hear you on the radio. This next generation really makes my heart swell.”

Of all the advice imparted on students today, what resonates most is Tracey’s encouragement for young journalists to follow their passion.

Jorja McDonnell, QUT News.