The Brisbane Lions are hoping to go one better in next year’s women’s AFL competition. Today the club welcomed eight keen new players to the team.

Michael McGuane reports.


It was all smiles as the Lions introduced their newest recruits after yesterday’s draft.

The line-up features all-Queensland talent and according to the Coach that’s no accident.

Craig Starcevich, Head Coach: “We’re really comfortable with the standard of the footy that goes on there so therefore the players that we select out of there we know that they can cope with that level of pressure.”

This year’s selection features mostly younger players with three having competing at the national Under Eighteens championships.

Arianna Clarke was finishing a maths class when she heard the announcement.

Arianna Clarke, Draft Pick: “All the kids in my class started going crazy and screaming and I just got really emotional and started crying and I received a call from Craig and yeah, it was a really, really good experience.”

Not all of the players are strangers to professional sport.

Emma Pittman had a brief stint in the Brisbane Roar before switching codes.

Emma Pittman, Draft Pick: “I hope I can sorta like get my mental state back into when I was playing professional soccer and just don’t let the nerves get the better of me.”

The recruits say they are already starting to feel at home with the club.

Captain Emma Zielke dropped by to wish the newest players good luck, as did club stalwart Simon Black.

With new talent on board the Lions are hoping to maintain pride of place at the top of the competition.

Michael McGuane, QUT News.