Decathlon, it’s the challenging sport many people haven’t even heard of, but one Comm Games ambassador is showing his online fans exactly what the sport is all about.

Lily Greer reports.


Athletes train long and hard.

They need to prepare mentally and physically to compete in their one event on the world stage.

Cedric Dubler does too but for 10 events.

He competes in Decathlon, 10 track and field events over a gruelling two days earning points based on his times.

He says it’s the challenge he enjoys the most.

Cedric Dubler, Athlete: “It’s sort of that event that can’t be perfected or beaten. You’re always gonna have highs and lows in a competition.”

At Rio, Cedric was the first Australian decathlete at the games in 16 years.

At this year’s Decathlon Championships in London, he was ranked 18th in the world.

And the Brisbane local’s just been named one of next year’s Commonwealth Games Ambassadors.

Yet he’s struggled to garner the attention of big name sponsors.

So he turned to social media.

First, to improve his on-camera presence.

Cedric Dubler, Athlete: “Welcome to day one of the Decathlon.”

Now he has a successful Youtube Channel and more than 22,000 Instagram followers.

Cedric Dubler, Athlete: “But it’s grown into this massive community behind me and I think that will help with sponsorship in the future.”

What separates Cedric from other athletes is the way he engages with his fans.

He’s got over 3,500 YouTube subscribers and it’s through video blogs that he’ll be taking each and every one of them on a step-by-step journey to the Commonwealth Games.

He’s also using the platform to encourage young athletes to pursue their goals showing them the day-to-day life of an elite athlete.

Cedric Dubler, Athlete: “Every single day I get messages from young athletes and decathletes, especially, being like you’ve inspired me to go try my first Decathlon or what sort of tips can you give me for going to my first Decathlon.”

Cedric’s coach says his social media shines a spotlight on the underrated sport.

Eric Brown, Coach: “Yeah, I think there’s a fair bit of resurgence coming through and, as I said, he’s got a very high media profile and he promotes the sport really, really well.”

Cedric is confident he’ll qualify at nationals, to compete at the Gold Coast next April, and as for whether he’ll pick up a medal.

Eric Brown, Coach: “I’d just about put my house on it. If he’s not injured, he will medal.”

Lily Greer, QUT News.