Cyclists around Brisbane have braved the elements to take part in Ride To Work Day. The annual event aims to promote cycling as a viable alternative for commuters.

Naveen Razik reports.


It may have been a cold and wet start to the day, but it didn’t stop these cyclists from turning out for a snag.

This ride to work day breakfast in the city was hosted by Bicycle Queensland, who are encouraging commuters to have a go at cycling.

Andrew Demack, Development Officer, Bicycle Queensland: “We want to say that year round riding to work is a great way to get to work and get healthy, but also beat congestion and do it in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Some commuters were willing to put their trust in only one wheel.

Vox 1: “This is a whole lot better, better training, more fun, not affected by weather, rain and I’ve decided I’m not going back to bikes. Unicycles are the way to go.”

Cyclists agree that Brisbane has a well developed bikeway system, but say there is always room for improvement.

Andrew Demack, Development Officer, Bicycle Queensland: “So we’re encouraged by the level of investment that has happened so far, but particularly the northside of Brisbane and the eastside of Brisbane, still need more and better bikeways to link up the bikeway network.”

Vox 2: “Drivers need more education about proximity to cyclists.”

Vox 3: “I have to ride on the road quite a bit, and the roads are bumpy and scary at times but I still do it.”

The breakfast is part of a national campaign, attracting thousands of cyclists across the country.

Naveen Razik, QUT News.