More than 1,800 Queenslanders have been named to carry the Commonwealth Games Baton later this year. They have widespread backgrounds.

Sheridan Ireland reports.


The baton is currently in Malaysia, after a tour of Sri Lanka.

It’s been greeted with colour and enthusiasm by thousands as it travels by train and road.

And it won’t be any different when it arrives here in December, particularly for those named to carry it.

Eithen Leard, Wheelchair Basketball: “I was so excited, I ran around the house.”

Twelve-year-old Eithen Leard began playing wheelchair basketball eight years ago, and says it’s where he feels at home.

Eithen Leard, Wheelchair Basketball: “It’s where I feel my wheelchair doesn’t matter to me, and they see me as normal people.”

People from all walks of life have been offered the honour.

Jim Purdon, Volunteer Surf Lifesaver: “Well I, I’m really honoured, I’m thrilled. I just think that for me personally it’ll be a fantastic honour.”

Lorraine Hatton, Title: “I never thought in all my days that I would have an opportunity as wonderful as this, and be so honoured and privileged to run with the Queen’s baton.”

So far the baton has been through 46 countries.

It left Buckingham Palace in March and will have travelled 230,000km by the time it reaches Brisbane.

Sheridan Ireland, QUT News.