A group of Brisbane schoolgirls have undergone some drastic changes to help cancer victims. They gave up a little of themselves.

Chloe Wilshire reports.


They were deemed the heroes of the lunch hour for parting ways with their ponytails.

Several hundred students from Redeemer Lutheran College cheered on the 27 year 12 students, whose actions raised nearly $8,000 for charity.

Emily Boulous, Redeemer Lutheran College student: “I feel like it’s giving back to them in a way something that they lost and I feel like that’s the least I can do.”

The ponytails will be used to make wigs for cancer patients, whilst the funds raised will be split between two charities: Daughters of Cambodia and Love your Sister.

Karen Wilkinson, Community Service Committee Co-Ordinator: “Awww, I think they look great and I’m actually really proud of them mainly because for teenage girls, it’s a big thing to cut their hair so to cut it off is a big sacrifice.”

For some, the experience came as a shock, but none of the 27 had any regrets.

Emily Boulous, Redeemer Lutheran College student, “Oh my god, it feels amazing, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

But what does mum think?

Vox 1: “Awww, nerve racking but very proud, very proud.

The hair collected will make six wigs.

The 27 students a cut above the rest.

Chloe Wilshire, QUT News.