Queenslanders struggling to make ends meet are being offered free financial advice. The Salvation Army says basic budgeting measures can help ease financial stress.

Sheridan Ireland reports.


The Salvation Army has launched a fresh offensive during Anti-Poverty Week.

The Salvos are dispensing free financial advice to those struggling with basic living expenses.

The charity says more and more people are turning to temporary “band-aid solutions” that only make things worse.

Jillian McKinlay, Financial Counsellor: “People are trying to afford to live, so to do that they get into more debt and it becomes a vicious cycle.”

Kristi Schumann, Client: “I think I spend my money before the bills come out.”

Kristi Schumann is one of thousands of Queenslanders struggling to make ends meet.

She says she barely has enough to survive.

Kristi Schumann, Client: “I don’t exactly know where the money goes, because one minute I’ve got money and then the next minute it’s gone.”

She’s now turned to the Salvos for budget help.

Kristi Schumann, Client: “That would be good, just to know that I’ve got five dollars there if I need it.”

People on the brink of a financial crisis are now often owing $2.50 for every dollar they earn.

The Salvos say the sooner people get help, the better.

Richelle Hasler, Financial Counsellor: “Don’t put your head in the sand. Do something as soon as possible, and if you’re not sure what to do just seek advice.”

To receive free financial advice, call 1800 007 007.

Sheridan Ireland, QUT News.