City Hall is urging home owners to get rid of green waste this weekend – for free. It comes as emergency services continue preparing for another dangerous storm season.

Naveen Razik reports.


After the storm, comes the clean up.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Are we ready?”

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor took a hands-on approach at New Farm Park, offering residents the chance to dispose of green waste at council tips this weekend for free.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “We certainly suggest that they take up the opportunity to trim those trees or whatever they need to do, to make sure they are ready for the storm season.”

By doing so, residents can help reduce the pressure on emergency services.

Mark Ryan, SES Local Controller: “We get quite a few calls where the residents could have taken precautions, using the advantages of things like this weekend.”

With the Bureau of Meteorology expecting at least one cyclone to hit the sunshine state this storm season, the SES is urging Queenslanders to be prepared and alert.

Mark Ryan, SES Local Controller: “Those hazards could be addressed by, just taking those simple measures, Cleaning your gutters out, looking at the objects around the house and just having that plan on what you’re going to do if a storm impacts.”

In the aftermath of a storm authorities advise to check your house for damage, be aware of fallen trees and flooded waterways and to stay away from exposed power lines.

Naveen Razik, QUT News.